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Purchase of furniture

We purchase furniture made of soft wood from 20-30s of last century, such as cupboards, food cabinets, dressers, wardrobes, merchant shelves, display cabinets, desks and tables, chairs and other furniture.

Send us photos of furniture offered for sale to us, or get in touch to arrange a personal visit!

Price is negotiable depending on the condition of furniture, payment in cash, we will collect the furniture.

In the gallery you can see some types of furniture that we buy.

Vykoupený nábytek
Vykoupený nábytek
Chlebovka se 3 zásuvkami
Vitrina s obloukem
Komody, skříně
Vojenské kufry
Kuchyňské stoly
Kupecké bloky
Šatní skříně
Šatní skříně
Věšákové stěny
Interested in this service?

If you are interested in a particular offer, do not hesitate to contact us using the inquiry form.

On-line inquiry
On-line inquiry  
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