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Furniture stripping – lye dipping

Stripping - lye dipping means removing old paint from furniture, doors, windows and other wooden surfaces. This method completely removes old paint, destroys woodworm and reveals the beauty of the original wood without damaging it. It is therefore widely used by the public during the reconstruction of homes, cottages and furniture.

Stripping - lye dipping is performed by soaking in a solution of sodium hydroxide with subsequent pressure flushing and neutralizing vinegar.

The stripping tank dimensions are 3 x 1.5 x 0.8 m, which determines the maximum size of furniture to be cleaned.

We would advise against stripping - lye dipping: hardwood furniture (color changes of wood), curved and veneered furniture, furniture parts made of plywood and timber, wicker and rattan furniture, painted hard-component water-based paints or varnishes.

We recommend removing fittings, under which there could be remains of paint, glass only in case you want to be sure that they are not damaged during handling (e.g. sandblasted, etched or otherwise decorated glass).

Pricelist: PDF to download

Below you can see the differences before and after stripping - lye dipping:

Před louhováním
Po vylouhování
Před a po vylouhování
Před a po vylouhování
Co se starou dýhovanou skříní, která nejde olouhovat? Návrh adaptace vidíte na obrázku vpravo
Před a po vylouhování
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